You would be a very fortunate person if you had never gotten a gas or electricity bill that was a lot bigger than you expected. It happens.energy_bill3

Maybe you’ve just had a new housemate move in who doesn’t understand the repercussions of heating their bedroom to 32 degrees 24 hours a day. Or maybe it is as simple as a leaking hot water cylinder. Whatever it is, when the bill comes in you are going to want to identify the problem as quickly as possible and fix it. Here is a basic checklist to run through and identify situational reasons your bill may be higher before you start inspecting and correcting your energy plan.

Changes in your energy use due to weather.

Consider what time of year it is. If you are just comparing your current bill to the bill you had previously it is important to remember that often the colder months are more expensive ones as people heat their house to keep warm.

Changes to your living situation

Are there more people living with you than there was 3 months ago? Even if they are part of a couple in a single room the power bill is still likely to go up considerably. More showers, TV watching, heating, cooking and just general living around the house is going to translate to more dollars on the power bill.

Changes of appliances in the house

Have you just bought a new plasma TV? Or maybe you’ve had a new heating system installed. Different appliances use different levels of power. Check online for your new devices expected power usage.

Check the meter

Consider it could be something to do with the meter. Estimated versus actual readings or ones that are completely incorrect, unmatched meter numbers or having your meter recently changed are all factors that can affect your power bill.