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Getting a driving license is always a must for every adult in Australia particularly teenagers. However it is not cheap to do driving lessons in these days. If you don’t have any driving skill at all, to get a license you need on average 20 driving lessons. If each lesson costs you $50, it is going to cost you $1000 just the driving lesson alone.When you add other costs like tests, paper work etc, it is quite costly particularly for teenagers who don’t have full time job. However, there are a few ways can save you money and time getting your driving license.

1.Compare. It is like purchasing a product or service, it is always wise to get compare driving lesson prices. So many driving schools publish their driving lessons price online. You can do your own research. To save time, you can use Driving School Guide to compare driving lesson prices in your local area.  You can also find reviews and ratings for driving schools on their website. When compare the prices, don’t get fooled by their first lesson price which is normally much lower. Also pay attention to their price per lesson. Sometimes the price is based on 45 minutes, sometimes it is based on 50 minutes. To compare apple to apple, you better compare their hourly rate to tell the differences.

2.Try before buy. A lot of driving instructors participate in a government program called keys2drive which offers free driving lesson to learners. You can take advantage of this offer and have the free lesson with your driving instructor see if you are comfortable with him or her. Patience is normally a good indicator for good driving instructor. Generally speaking, female driving instructors are more patient than male driving instructors. On the other hand, be careful with the super “patient” driving instructor. As you know, time is money and money is time. If a instructor spent 2 hours to tell you how to start a car, you know something is wrong. Short temper instructors are a no no for any learners, These instructors may yield at their students for every silly mistakes, which will make learners lost confidence, which ends up slowing their learning process. These two types of instructor, namely super “patient” and short temper instructor will cost you a lot of money down the track.

3. PracticePractice as much as you can after the lesson with your driving instructor. Bear in mind, you need someone supervise you as a learner, also you need to carry learner sign in the car with you. To pick up the knowledge from your instructor, I also recommend people learn the theory online. There are so many online resources like youtube teaching people how to drive. Don’t waste time asking silly questions with your instructor if you can find the answers online.

Hope these tips will be helpful for you in terms of getting driving licences. Good luck with your journey to become a competent driver.